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Meetings prof. A.Akhayan with Mrs. Sintija Birina-Zenke and Mr.Edgars Grandins were held on June 2-3, 2018.. The subject of the conversation was the possible cooperation of the Research Laboratory of the Pedagogical problems of Applying Internet Technologies in  Education of the Herzen University in St. Petersburg and the Zaube Lutheran Church


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Pastor Friedrich Erdman Stoll was born December 21, 1760 in Thuringia, Germany. Subsequently moved to Livonia. He served in Kurzeme and Vidzemē, and then on over of twenty-five years, from 1800 to 1825 - pastor in Lutheran Evangelical Church in Zaube. The last two years of his life he served as pastor of the parish in Madliena, where he died on October 28, 1826. Buried in the graveyard of Madliena  Pastors Stoll Family in Livonia in XIX c. (Ru)
 Pastor Friedrich Erdman Stoll and the Lutheran Church in Zaube (Ru)
 On Stoll places of Livonia. Madona (En)
 On Stoll places of Livonia. Vestiena (En)
 On Stoll places of Livonia. Madliena (Ru)
Prof. Andrew Akhayan (Stoll)  Mrs. Sintija Birina-Zenke  Mr. Edgars Grandins

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